Gig In The Garden

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‘Gig In The Garden’ was an all day festival based at Westbridge Gardens behind Elliott House Homeless Hostel in Newcastle upon Tyne that took place on 8th September 2012.

Organised by the singer/songwriter Gem Andrews and co-coordinated by Cyrenians Arts & Media Programme together with a team of thirty volunteers made up of residents of Elliot House and from across the Cyrenians, it was a highly successful event, attended by over 200 members of the local community.

There was a full day of music, circus tricks and children’s art workshops, including acts developed through the Sustainable Change Programme and Oaktrees Recovery Centre. Artists who contributed their time and skills included Ballas D’Afrique, Nev Clay, Dave Young, Karl Thompson, Side Café Orkestar, Juliette Tate, Recovery Rocks, Hannabiell and the Ladies of Midnight Blue, Kennedy Banda, Jackets and the Scruffs, Freddy Phethean and Guide United.


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