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Arts As Action Introduction:

Preview of Arts As Action 2 in the Newcastle Journal – HERE

In May/June 2012 a collaboration between The Cyrenians, Northumbria University and Freedom from Torture organised a seminar, Arts As Action. On May 29th 2013 the second seminar took place at Northumbria University.


‘In Search of a City of Sanctuary’ is an eclectic arts event culminating in a large scale performance that will be staged on the 27th June at St John the Baptist church in Grainger Street Newcastle upon Tyne. It is led by The Cyrenians’ Arts & Media Programme in partnership with others including Freedom From Torture, West End Refugee Service and Northumbria University.

The event that will bring together refugees, asylum seekers, the homeless, people in recovery and others with students from the Arts and Social Science and Social Work and Communities departments of Northumbria University and will explore the idea of a New Manifesto for Newcastle underpinned by the notion of sanctuary.

Regular workshops are bringing the participants together to share ideas and prepare, plan and rehearse the collaborative event.

A conference will be held on the 29th May called Art as Action 2: In Search of a City of Sanctuary at Northumbria University. The conference will involve those involved in the City of Sanctuary project and will be an exploration of the processes and purposes of the work.


The conference is for anyone who is interested in the relationship between the arts, social care, health and well-being. In particular it will bring together stakeholders from three worlds to consider together three common themes.

The audience and participants will include:

• Commissioners – those who seek to commission work to meet particular need in the health and social care sectors; from the major health and local authority commissioners to those individual service users who have access to personalised budgets

• Third sector and voluntary organisations – large and small organisations who work to engage the community in collaborative activity; from community theatre companies to social activity groups (football, knitting, dance, music ….)

• Academics from a range of disciplines who are involved or interested in the impact of community / arts/ social activity on well-being, health and recovery.

With some keynote input and a performance at its heart the conference will invite participants through workshops, seminars and plenary sessions to explore three questions:

1. What are the issues for commissioners seeking to meet their needs through the support of community based activity such as collaborative art projects, community led activity groups etc?

2. What are the issues for community based activity groups in accessing commissioner support?

3. What do we know about the impact of community-based activities on individual wellbeing? What do we still need to know?

Art As Action 1 2012  –  Programme from last year’s conference .pdf file

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