Let’s create a data base to share community arts projects – together

Welfare State International

Last night I put a call out to people asking them to help me create a comprehensive data base of community arts projects from around the world.

Wow – I said to myself  – that’s ambitious and a life long job  –  can I really take it on?

However the response online was immediate and people started re-tweeting and I had only put my toe in the water. So I thought to myself we should do it. We can learn so much from each other. We can create a more effective community to lobby for support – together

So here is my thinking – let’s try and do it together.

We can create a page on this web site and to start with just listing the thousands and thousands of projects happening today – as we get resources we can start employing people to manage the list – but to start with we need to just do it ourselves.

I have a page here called links – This could be the place to start.

Send details of your projects to this site

I am asking everybody to send details of their projects and in the first stage I will add details to that list. I need a link to web pages and a short paragraph of what you do, why you do it and where you are  – maybe a little bit about how you do it too.

You can do this on the comments space at the end of the page. I will transfer what you send me to the links page and slowly it will become a data base of like minded individuals and organisations

I am no expert on how to set up data bases and I am a one-man band here at Community Arts International but I think we can do it together  – we can create this together.

I think it would be useful if we started to know more about each other – Don’t you?

I know that it is very hard to look outside our immediate projects because it is such hard work managing what we already do – but I am sure it is worth getting to know how other projects work. How do projects survive in this “Age of Austerity”? I hear all the time of programmes having to cancel projects and some  programmes stopping altogether.

We need the arts more than ever. Those of us that believe the arts are a useful and  a proven vehicle for the transformation of lives and can bring about change in communities – need to stick together.

We need a collective voice to impress on governments around the world that the arts are necessary in a civilised society – that as some grow poorer and some grow richer the arts are the natural place where balance can be retained and that change can happen.

Please add the details of your projects  – and others that you know about – to the comments section anywhere on this site and I will find them.

We won’t get this organised tomorrow but we will get it organised together.



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